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The SGT sale is the Pre-ICO fundraiser for the "Children of the Landfill" project. A project for humanity.

SGT is a redeemable/convertible token and is used as an asset to back Global Gold Concerns – GGC coin - the only cryptocurrency for global waste and human reclamation.
Asset Account (USD): $3,854,000Grams of Gold in Cold Storage (999.9% pure): 100,000Gold Price in grams (USD): $38.54

Grams of Gold Sold: 40,000

GreenFire Engineered Reclamation Offers The World’s First Reclamation Cryptocurrency

GreenFire Engineered Reclamation is a Global Landfill Mining and Reclamation Company and is issuing a Pre-ICO to raise funds for the development of our Reclamation Coin. Our coin is the only cryptocurrency in the world dedicated to Global Reclamation.GreenFire Engineered Reclamation Global Landfill Mining and Reclamation Coin is the Global Gold Concerns – GGC.

The GGC Coin Pre-ICO Sale is hosted at

Small Gold Token – SGT – is the Pre-ICO fund raiser for Global Gold Concerns – GGC – and is a redeemable/convertible token.

GreenFire has staked 30,000 Grams of gold for this Pre-ICO represented by an issue of 30,000 SGT Tokens.

The SGT Token is redeemable for one gram of 999.9 pure Gold produced from contracted mining operations.


Each SGT Token may be exchanged for GGC at a rate of 100:1. In other words Each SGT can be exchanged for 100 GGC during the boot strap phase.

Global Gold Concerns is the host of the ICO for GGC, a gold and asset backed cryptocurrency, developed on the Ethereum blockchain. GGC is a reclamation coin.

GGC ICO projected price is $1.00

GGC is backed with hard assets from:

  • The precious metals reclaimed from the Landfill Reclamation
  • Precious metals reclaimed from the reclamation of mine tailings
  • Pledges of Gold from associated Gold Mines.
  • Real Estate
  • A portfolio of Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, bitcoincash, ethereum …

GGC is a hedged and balanced cryptocurrency investment.

Gold is the soul of money, it is immortal.

Hard assets are forever, even when destroyed by the cataclysms of history.

It is this outlook that perpetuated the most competent and powerful aristocracies in continental Europe, well up through World War I and beyond.

It is this mindset that has sustained the most fiscally serious democratic republic in the Western world, Switzerland.

More than ever the focus on hard assets is a dire call to arms given the deformed market culture of central banking monetary magic.

Despite global best efforts to reinvigorate the economy, the global economy remains mired in economic stagnation built up over so many years of debt-driven policies.,

What is up with the markets? The actual economy is doing poorly while the market is soaring.

In such an environment, the allure of the centuries’-old tried and true has never had more appeal.

In a word, the hard asset vision is about building wealth outside the stock market.

Gold is a must-have portfolio asset amid the aggressive debt levels and monetary debasement that have so unhinged the market.

Countries buying up gold versus investors who do so are two different worlds.

Ninety-five percent of the world’s gold is held as a wealth store by the wisest.

Small Gold Token – SGT

Small Gold Token (SGT), is your solution.

The Small Gold Token is redeemable!

Backed by one gram of gold

SmallGold uses blockchain technology to create a new kind of cryptocurrency, where each coin is backed by one gram of gold at launch.

Historically gold is more resilient, and holds its worth better than any fiat money, particularly in times of economic instability.

No currency can guarantee absolute stability, but one gram limits your exposure to the downside risk.

Because the base value of SmallGold is always at least equal to one gram of gold, SmallGold Token is always exchangeable for one gram of gold regardless of the spot price.

The Small Gold Token may be exchanged for one gram of gold any time after a duration of 180 days from date of purchase.

The purchase of a SmallGold Token will deliver a wallet and a smartcontract assuring the exchange conditions of the SmallGold Token.

The Source of the Gold

The Source of the Gold

Gladiator Gold Mines Corp is a private company incorporated in the State of Wyoming with 100% ownership in the Gladiator Mine Arizona Project.The Gladiator Gold Mines Corp team comprises of highly skilled seasoned professionals with a proven track record to make this project a success.

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Gladiator Gold Mine Project Crown King, Yavapai County, Arizona – Overview of Geologic Potential

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