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Gladiator Gold Mines Corp

The Company and Management

Gladiator Gold Mines Corp is a private company incorporated in the State of Wyoming with 100% ownership in the Gladiator Mine Arizona Project.
The Gladiator Gold Mines Corp team comprises of highly skilled seasoned professionals with a proven track record to make this project a success.

Gladiator Gold Mines Corp


Gladiator Gold Mines Corp has assembled an important block of land that covers an area two miles by two miles that includes no less than seven former producing mines including the Lincoln Mine, Del Pasco Mine, North extension of the Crown King Mine, Fairview mine, War-Eagle Mine and the Gladiator Mine. Some of the veins have been traced out over 7500 feet in length and 600 feet of depth and are still open on strike and downdip.

Gladiator Gold Mines Corp

The Project

Gladiator Gold Mines Corp plans a phased approach for reopening the Gladiator Gold Mine. The mine was in production from the mid 18th century and again from 1937 up until the start of the last world war; the most recent production was in the 1980’s. From 1983 to 1995, Nor-Quest Arizona Inc. has spent over 12 million USD on the project. Gladiator Gold Mine Corp has spent well in excess of 1 million dollars since acquiring the project in late 2016.

Phase 1:

Would consist of mining the Oxide Zone Crown Pillar still left from previous mining activities. In the late 1980s the oxidized surface exposure of the Gladiator vein was sampled along its 2500 foot strike length by Jim Park, the mine geologist at the time. *6927 mineable tons grading, 0.401 ounces per ton gold and 2.62 ounces per ton of silver were calculated to a nominal depth of 10 feet.

In discussions with Jim Park (mine geologist at the time), Mr. Parks stated that the oxide zone does go well beyond the 10 foot depth, which he used for his calculations on tonnage and the only reason there may not be more than 40 foot depth would simply be due to it being mined out from the underground. Recent 2015 mining and excavation testing pits have shown consistency in the vein structure to 20ft depths.

  • Estimated Gold/Silver Production (~75% Recovery Rate): 7,200 Oz Au.
  • Start-up of production expected within 45 DAYS.
  • Excavation & Ore stockpiling already jump started.
  • Phase 1 production crew already recruited and can start immediately.

Phase 2:

The focus on Phase 2 is starting up the underground mining operation, along with additional exploration to increase mill production and mill feed.

The Gladiator Mine deposit has 235,000 tons of developed, proven and probable ore grading 0.437 ounces gold per ton and 2.43 ounces silver per ton including a 20% dilution mining factor*. There are several other parallel, gold bearing veins on the property that could add significantly to future ore reserves.

There is 6,000 tons of development ore broken underground with a grade of 0.31 ounces gold per ton that is already stored in the stopes and is easily accessed via the main mine portal.

The mine is accessed by adit and tracked for the entire underground development (2,500 ft). Two raises access the stopes and upper levels. An underground diamond drill program is planned to further define and increase the ore reserves.

Gladiator Gold Mines Corp

  • Phase 2 Gladiator underground mining/ore extraction can be brought back into production for its designed rate and in parallel to the planned 18 month Phase 1 Crown Pillar surface operation
  • 235,000 tons of developed, proven and probable ore grading 0.437 ounces gold per ton and 2.43 ounces silver per ton including a 20% dilution mining factor (102,000 oz Gold & 571,050 oz Silver)*
  • Favorable Mining Jurisdiction for acquiring Mine Permits
  • Estimated Production Cost per Oz Gold: $560 per oz all inclusive



The Gladiator Mine is 65 miles NW of Phoenix AZ. in the Bradshaw Mountain Range at an elevation of 6800 ft. and is serviced by three miles of gravel road from the little community of Crown King.


The geology of the Gladiator-War Eagle properties is very similar to the geology of many other precious and base metal deposits of the Central Arizona Pre-Cambrian Schist Belt. The Gladiator War Eagle quartz-massive sulfide veins are situated in a narrow sulfide facies of the Yavapai schist. The veins extend northerly from the Crown King granodiorite stock on a bearing of N 10- 20° E and dip steeply to the west at about 70°.

The Gladiator-War Eagle vein is one of a series of gold-bearing Laramide-age veins that strike northeasterly across the Bradshaw Mountains. Others in the sequence which cross Gladiator Gold Mines Corp property are the Del Pasco, Crown King, Spring Green, Fairview and Lincoln veins. These veins can be traced quite continuously paralleling the major fold structures in the banded iron formation sequence.


Arizona is a mining-friendly jurisdiction and the area of the Bradshaw Mountains has had a lengthy mining history since the late 1800’s.  Gold was mined on the Gladiator and War Eagle at turn of the 20th century, in the 1930’s and again in the 1980’s.  The mine was shut down due to low prices of gold – the mine was not mined-out.

Permitting requirements will be minimal as the property is classified as a producing mine that has been inoperative because of economic conditions.

Easy access to major centers for supplies

Equipment on site